Polyaspartic factory floor coatingFactory floor paint is a great way to smarten up your business.

Factory floor coating auckland new zealand

  • Looks better to clients

  • Improves staff morale

  • Increases productivity

  • Controls dust
  • Improved lighting
  • Less maintenance

A clean, dust free factory floor is a very important part of a successful operation.  It tells everyone that you are professional and have higher standards than the “guys down the road”.

Floor Masters are Master Installers of factory floor paint and concrete floor coatings.  For over 20 years we have been helping clients get the floors they need.  And that is the important issue – “The Floor You Need“.

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Factory floor paint

Floor Masters offers a wide range of concrete floor paint and coating products and systems.  There is not such thing as one factory floor paint that is suitable for every job.  We ask the questions that help determine which product and system is the right one for your business.

  • How long do you need it to last?  Different products and resin technologies offer different performance.  If you are only in a building for 18 months then outgrow it, why spend more $ on a product that will last 20 years?
  • What activity will take place on the floor?  There is no point putting down a 4mm self levelling epoxy (that offers great impact resistance) if you only have light foot traffic.
  • Are there any special conditions that need to be considered?  Will you be using harsh chemicals? Does it need to be able to be steam cleaned?  What are the anti-slip requirements?  Do you need the edges coved?
  • What time period do we have for install?   We have faster cure systems for rapid return to service.
  • Is it a new concrete slab?  Does it require a moisture barrier?
  • What is the visual requirements?  We have a number of systems that have higher visual appeal for more public areas (rather than standard grey paint colour).

Factory Floor Paint - Sparta-Guard

There were two panel beaters in Penrose, Ron and Don. 

Ron was a DIY guy.  He was a great panel beater, maybe even better than Don.  Every Christmas break, Ron would repaint his workshop floor (because it needed it).  Ron did no real preparation, he would just degrease the workshop floor and scrub it. He would go to his local “paint store” and buy what they told him was the best thing for factory floors.

Anyway Ron and his staff would spend half the week between Christmas and New Year, cleaning and painting the workshop floor for another year of work.

Don, well he went Fishing, and spent time with his wife and kids. His Staff had a holiday too. While he was recharging his “batteries” with some R & R, Floor Masters did his floor.

Floor Masters used diamond grinders to properly prepare the concrete.  Preparation is always the foundation of success.

Floor Masters uses industrial quality Sparta-Guard polyaspartic resin coating system.

Floor Masters did a high quality job.

By June, Ron was thinking he would have to do his floor again, because it was not prepared properly, the coating was starting to fail.

For the Next 8 years Ron did what he and his staff did every Christmas – redid his workshop floor.

For the Next 8 years, Don had a holiday and Floor Masters did other peoples floors – properly.

Morale of the story – do what you do best, and remember to take a break.

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Flux is a Animation / Film Production company. – Floor Masters did a wonderful job with our Reception area and Boardroom. They were quick, efficient and most importantly kept to the schedule and the quote. We would certainly recommend them to any future customers . Regards Sue Chambers ( Flux Director ) FLUX ANIMATION STUDIO LTD

Over the years we have done work for many local and international companies,   Including BMW, Subaru, Yamaha, Hansels, Old Fashion Foods (before they became part of Hansels), GMP Pharmaceuticals, GMP Dairy, Bomac, Bayer, Fred’s Fine Foods, Eat, The Great Catering Company, Sails Restuarant, Telecom, BNZ, Auckland Council, Museum of City and Sea, Witchery, Bed Bath and Table, Cash Convertors, NZ Govt departments and hundreds of other companies.

Floor Masters has amassed a lot of experience and expertise, and is able to tackle tricky situations.

Sparta-Guard - Polyaspartic resin floor coating Light Grey Sparta-Guard factory floor coating

Welcome to the Sparta Advantage

We are very fortunate to have found and secured the rights to HP Spartacote’s products for New Zealand, particularly Sparta-Flex. Sparta-flex is a revolution in floor paint/coating technology.  It is the biggest breakthrough sine the 1920’s when epoxy resin was developed.

What is so great about Sparta-Flex polyaspartic floor paint/coating?

Speed and performance!

With traditional factory floor paint/coating, the time between coats is normally 18-24 hours.  That means if you put down a coating today, then it is tomorrow afternoon before you can do the next one.  If a third coat of paint is required, then that is day 3.

Further to the delay is that it takes 2 days (48hrs) for the coating to cure before light foot traffic can get onto the floor, and up to 5 days before wheeled traffic (trolleys, fork hoists etc).Also 7 days before full chemical resistance (even the rapid cure systems).

The Sparta Advantage is that we only need to wait 1-2 hours between coats, 4-6 hours before light traffic and only 24hrs before full use.

This means that with Sparta-Flex resin based systems, we can do your floor today, and you can use it tomorrow.

The sooner you call us, the sooner we can finish your floor – 0800 733 566


Looking for epoxy resin in NZ

Floor Masters also do epoxy resin floor painting.  We have a number of different systems depending on your requirements.

If you do not require the speed adn performance benefits of our Sparta polyaspartic systems, epoxy can save you some money.

You can check out our epoxy resin based systems here