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Bona Resilient Birthing unit floor

New Life for old vinyl floors

Bona Resilient Birthing unit floor
Bona Resilient Birthing unit floor

We can save you thousands and more,
by restoring and renewing your existing vinyl, lino and rubber flooring.

Due to advance chemistry, we can now apply coatings to vinyl flooring that actually become part of the surface – guaranteed to not peel or flake off.

The scientists at Bona (Sweden) have cracked the molecular code that allows their coating to permanently bond with properly prepared vinyl, lino and rubber floor coverings.

This allows us to either restore your existing vinyl, lino or rubber flooring to how it looked when first installed (couple of clear coats), or transform it to a more modern colour and design.


This is also a big win for the bean counters and the environmentalists.  You’ve just eliminated the cost of removal and substrate repreparation and the landfill.  Oh, and one more bonus.  The newly coated surface eliminated the need for weekly or monthly polishing, waxing and the associated stripping and buffing (and the associated chemical waste).

Now everyone’s a winner.

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