Product Summary – quick list

Floor coating systems


  • SOLAC – solvent based clear acrylic resin.  Suitable for sealing all concrete surfaces and decorative overlays.  Suitable for internal and external use, can have anti-slip additive
  • WBAC – Water based clear acrylic resin. Suitable for internal concrete floors and over decorative overlays, gives a lighter look than a solvent based sealer.

Epoxy Roll Coat systems

  • Syncoat 700 – clear, solvent free, wet look sealer with matt or gloss finish.  Not suitable for UV exposure or wet areas.
  • Syncoat 740 – coloured, solvent free, concrete coating for garages, warehouses, light to medium use areas.  Breathable coating that can allow moisture to escape without peeling.
  • Syncoat STE – solvent based coloured floor coating.  Suitable for garage floors, light duty workshops, showrooms, luchrooms etc….
  • 4195 – coloured base coat/primer for our E-Series (epoxy/polyurea) systems.  Withstands low levels of rising damp (hydrostatic pressure) and provides excellent colour coverage.  Virtually solvent and odor free (slight change when used with an accelerator).  When accelerated, can be recoated in 1.5-2 hours.
  • Syncoat 860 – high solvent content, ultra matt finish, high chemical resistant top coat for epoxy resin floors (mainly Syncoat 213).  Can be used as a maintenance coating or as an antislip top coat.

Moisture Barriers

  • Syncoat 52 – multipurpose high performance epoxy resin.  Used as a primer for self levelling systems or as a standalone moisture barrier.  This is or go to resin when we doubt anything else will work.  Have used it over oil soaked floors and floors with active water ingress.  Not usually used as a finish coating (because it is yellowy/clear and will discolour with UV exposure)
  • Hydroshield SL – is a solvent free moisture barrier for use under our Sparta systems or as a stand alone moisture barrier for use under floor coverings.
  • Hydrepoxy 300 – is an epoxy polymide moisture barrier, solvent free with no odor.  Best suited for stopping moisture in basement areas and for use under carpet, vinyl, timber etc… or under our decorative resurfacing systems.

Epoxy Self Leveling Systems

  • Syncoat 213 – is a self smoothing/leveling epoxy resin.  Can be applied from 1-4mm thick for a floor capable of withstanding heavy impact (the thicker the more it can withstand).  Moderate chemical and wear resistance.  Can be a smooth finish, a decorative flake finsh or a fine, medium or coarse encapsulated quartz finish as required.
  • Syncoat 285 – similar to 213, but with advanced chemical resistance. 1.5-2mm thick.  Great for laboratory floors, commercial kitchens and processing areas.

Polyurea floor coatings

  • 5073 – is a high performance, solvent based polyurea clear or coloured top coat with excellent abrasion chemical and heat resistance.  Excellent gloss retention.

Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea floor coatings.

These coatings are the best in class, with regards to abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance and fast application/return to use times.  Pay a little extra, get a whole lot more!

  • 5205 – solvent borne


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