Looks like we might be going back to prison!

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It’s ok, we are on the right side of the Law, even if we spend time on the wrong side of the bars.

Some time ago we did some work in a couple of prototype cells at an Auckland Prison.  Staff and consultants have been impressed with the systems we used and have made more enquires about further work.

Our E-coat and Sparta-Guard systems are perfect for these situations as they are very fast to install, very fast to cure and have superior abrasion and chemical resistance.

Our New Resin – Sparta-Flex Pure is 100% solids, solvent and VOC free Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea, has 3 times the abrasion resistance of epoxy, higher chemical and heat resistance and a 1-3 hour recoat and return to light use time, and only requires 24 hours cure before full use.  Very low odor and no harmful solvent.  Faster than a judge can say GUILTY!


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