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Lesson about garage floors from the block

Have you been watching The Block NZ ?

You may have noticed that in the first week they are tackling the garage.  A couple of The Block Couples have used a clear epoxy coating.  You may also have noticed that they have a lot of “down time” waiting for the garage floor coating to dry.

Epoxy takes about 8-16 hours to dry.  Also one team got down one coat and due to weather could not get their second coat done. Epoxy and other reaction resin floors must be recoated within 48 hours or require considerable re-preparation to ensure the next coat of epoxy applied to the garage floor will bond.

There is a better way …. Introducing Sparta-Flex … an advanced polyaspartic resin floor coating.

Polyaspartic clear floor coating on polished concrete floor. Antislip finish


Why should you consider polyaspartic?

  • It’s super fast – recoat in about an hour – We can grind your garage floor and apply 2 coats in one day
  • You can then walk on it and light use after just 4-6 hours
  • After just 24 hours, you can park your car on it.
  • It offer 3-4 times higher abrasion resistance than epoxy
  • Higher chemical and heat resistance
  • UV Stable – most epoxies will go yellow with UV exposure
  • High gloss
  • 3 times better gloss retention
  • Excellent adhesion.

 So … Like The Block NZ do you have a Garage Floor to do?

Let us tell you about some garage floor options you have from the Floor Masters.

Polished Concrete – Popular finish for good quality concrete floors.  We diamond grind off the top layer of concrete from your garage floor.  The amount we grind off will determine the amount aggregate you see.  The floor is then finished with 2 or more coats of sealer – we have a good range of sealers available. (including our top of the chart Sparta-flex polyaspartic)

Coloured Epoxy or Coloured Polyaspartic (Sparta-Guard) – a great finish to tidy up a new or old concrete garage floor.  Our systems are guaranteed to bond and not peel off.



Metallic FX – This is an amazing metallic tinted resin coating with 3D depth and colour movement.

If you want the ultimate garage floor, you should consider Metallic FX.Metallic FXcopper_metallic_epoxy_garage_floor



Sparta-Stain polyaspartic coating system

Concrete staining – we have translucent concrete dyes to stain and colour concrete.  You can also still see the aggregate if the concrete has been diamond ground.




Garage floor coated with polyaspartic flake coating.Sparta-Flake – attractive and durable polyaspartic based resin and vinyl flake floor coatings

Cretecnz Albany cretecova - 2003 Cretecovaova – A polymer cement overlay system.  Adds a new layer over your concrete, c oloured and can have a tiled effect.



Call us for help on your garage floor project.




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