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Sparta-Flake Brindle Polyaspartic Decorative Concrete Floor Coating

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017:

Once again the Floor Masters introduce another floor coating finish for concrete floors, taking an industrial grade, durable flooring resin and making a system that is at home in areas that require STYLE. Sparta-Flake Brindle is a twist on the long time popular Sparta-Flake concrete floor coating system that is commonly used for commercial kitchens, showrooms, factory floors, ablution and changing areas, internal and external walkways, garages and workshops and many other situations. Sparta-Flake Brindle uses a patterned flake.  Our standard flake systems use blends of solid coloured flake and are attractive in their own right, but Brindle brings a […] Read More →

Polyaspartic floor coating test results

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014:

Polyaspartic resin floor coatings technical information and comparison against epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings. See OUR COMPARISON TEST RESULTS and chart. Understand the real life advantages of polyaspartic resin floor coatings Read More →

Commercial Kitchen Floor Coating

Friday, September 20th, 2013:

Floor coating systems that are FAST to install and FAST to cure. Epoxy and Polyaspartic resin floor coatings will give you the best results. Auckland NZ Read More →

Moisture Barrier

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013:

Every Floor needs a Moisture Barrier! Moisture is a major problem in New Zealand homes! Excess moisture causes so much damage to building materials, floor coverings, furniture and our health.  It’s not just “leaky buildings”, and not just older homes in the hills that have a problem with moisture. First we need to understand construction. Many floors do not have a basic moisture barrier layer of polythene underneath the concrete floor, commonly referred to as a “DPC” (damp proof coarse), and if they do it may not have been joined correctly (just overlapped) or it may have been damaged during […] Read More →

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