Technical information about HP Spartacote's polyaspartic floor coatings

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Polyaspartic floor paint and coating systems

HP SPARTACOTE® – Polyaspartic floor coating manufacturer.

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High Performance Polyaspartic Coatings & Stains

  • Rapid Return to Service
  • Unrivaled Durability
  • Outstanding Color & Gloss Retention
  • Patented Coating Technology
  • A Proven Track Record Spanning Thousands of Concrete & Steel Coating Applications Across the Globe.

A Leader in Polyaspartic Coating Technology.

With over 100 years of combined manufacturing and application experience, HP Spartacote® is a global leader in the development of High Performance Polyaspartic Coatings & Stains.

Our products offer abrasion resistance and adhesion qualities that far surpass Epoxy & Urethane alternatives. They are UV stable and resistant to a broad range of industrial
and commercial chemicals.

Provide Cost Savings –

HP Spartacote’s® polyaspartic floor coatings are an impermeable and antimicrobial surface makes floors easier to maintain. Incur lower application costs with faster cure times and reduced down-time.

Enhance Your Image

100% UV clear top coats and UV stable pigmented polyaspartic coatings & stains provide for a rich long lasting finish that will not fade, yellow or peel.

We can help You Specify the Right Solution –

HP Spartacote® offers a variety of coating and stain options suitable for hundreds of applications.  All delivered with the highest quality and world-class technical support.

Adhesion is Paramount to our Performance.

HP Spartacote’s® patented “One Fast Floor ® ” technology was designed to effectively absorb into the substrate in order to bond both chemically and mechanically within the pores of the material.
A fundamental component differentiating HP Spartacote® from other products, this technology allows for maximum adhesion surface area and is the cornerstone of our superior performance. HP Spartacote® polyaspartic effectively absorbing into (“wetting”) the substrate.

Rapid Return to Service

Rapid cure times allow for walk- on and re-coat capability in just 1-2 hours with next-day full return to service.

All Climate Application

No limitations for minimum cure temperatures. HP Spartacote® can be effectively applied in temperatures as low as thirty degrees below zero.

Chemical Resistance

Resistant to a wide range of commercial and industrial chemicals. Full resistance to Skydrol® and other highly corrosive fluids.

Gloss & Color Retention

100% UV Clear high-gloss top coats
& UV stable pigmented coatings &
stains offer superb aesthetic qualities
that will not yellow, fade or peel.


Our coatings & stains can be used
effectively in higher traffic areas
where traction is key. This is achieved
in conjunction with a quartz or silica
additive within the coating process

Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistant qualities three times
that of Epoxy & Urethane systems. Our
coatings & stains are an ideal choice for
areas withstanding the daily abuse of
heavy-wheeled machinery & foot traffic.

Our Sparta-Flex polyaspartic resins are suitable for hundreds of different applications using the following systems

Polyaspartic Flake floor construction

Polyaspartic Flake floor construction

‣ USDA & FDA Approved
‣ Fast one-day application with next-day return to service
‣ Countless varieties of quartz and paint chip media blends
‣ Suitable for areas requiring increased traction
‣ Completely mask existing substrate aesthetic imperfections
IDEAL FOR: Commercial Kitchens, Residential Garages, Restrooms, Universities,Showrooms & Retail Spaces, Exterior Patios.

Read more about our Sparta-Flake and Sparta-Quartz systems

Sparta-guard coloured polyaspartic floor coating system construction
‣ USDA & FDA Approved ‣ Fast one-day application with next-day return to service
‣ High Gloss, Satin or Matte top coat finishes
‣ 24 pigmented varieties
‣ Custom pigmented blends available
‣ Clear top coat can be used alone for sealer applications
IDEAL FOR: Industrial and Commercial facilities, Aviation Hangers, Warehousing & Distribution, Mechanical Shops, Utilities.

Read more about our Sparta-Guard -coloured polyaspartic floor coating systems

Sparta-Stain polyaspartic coating system
‣ USDA & FDA Approved
‣ Fast one-day application with next-day return to service
‣ High Gloss, Satin or Matte top coat finishes
‣ 12 Translucent Shades
‣ Layer Several colors for a customized finish
‣ Strength and durability of a Polyaspartic
coating with the aesthetic appeal of a high quality translucent stain
IDEAL FOR: Restaurants, Retail Stores, Supermarkets, Car Dealerships, more
Polyaspartic Flake floor construction
‣ Fast-curing 2-part system allows for faster application than traditional 3-coat systems
‣ Utilize with proprietary SpartaZincTM Zinc Rich primer
‣ Outstanding corrosion protection against moisture & salt
‣ 24 separate pigmented varieties
‣ Next-day return to service
IDEAL FOR: External steel coating applications including sports  stadiums, bridges, exposed steel architecture.

Test results – Comparison of Epoxy vs Polyurethane vs Polyaspartic

Test comparison Epoxy vs Polyurethane vs Polyaspartic

Chemical Resistance Test Results – polyaspartic

Chemical resistance test results - Sparta-Flex Polyaspartic Chemical resistance test results - Sparta-Flex Polyaspartic


See the link at the top of the page to open/download the product brochure and for a cleared view of the test results.HP_Spartacote_Polyaspartic_Coatings Architect Brochure

In conclusion – polyaspartic resin floor coatings have many benefits over other resin floor paint and should be seriously considered for you next project.

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