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This is Concrete - not timber

Wood tile – Woodcrete flooring Auckland

Wood look tiles are on trend, but Floor Masters have a new twist on the wood tile look.

WoodCreteFor some time we have had a system called Woodcrete where we overlay concrete and hardiflex with one of our resurfacing products (either Cretecova or Thincova) and finish it to imitate a timber floor.

Some of the advantages of our wood look system

  • Woodcrete is only 1-2mm thick, so it’s light and won’t stress foundations or framing.
  • Woodcrete won’t interfere with door heights.
  • Woodcrete  wood look won’t fade like real timber does
  • Woodcrete can’t warp like timber does if it gets wet.
  • The Wood look can be custom sized to  fit the clients brief – width and lengths.
  • Where wood look tiles are all short, we can make ours as long as you want.

Floors are a very important design element for any building.  With around 20 years experience Floor Masters can help you design a floor that will create the wow factor for you.

Another beautiful thing about our wood look product is that it can also be used outside.  our resurfacing products are used extensively outside for all sorts of surfaces, from driveways to pool areas, courtyards and paths – and Woodcrete is no different.

Woodcrete wood look tile effect
After woodcrete – notice the 2 month old timber deck is already faded
Before woodcrete
Before Woodcrete




Mahogany Woodcrete
Mahogany Woodcrete


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