Creteshield CS – the most advanced concrete densifier

Seal your concrete from within - the non coating concrete sealer, hardener and dust proofer

Creteshield is a penetrating reactive densifier.  This means that it soaks into porus concrete and reacts with the Calcium Hydroxide (CH).  This reaction forms an insoluble fusion that fills the pores of the concrete.  Creteshield CS also has two added benefits over other densifiers.  The highly reactive molecules can also attach to silica within the matrix, and can bond to itself.  While other densifier formulations can only react with Calcium Hydroxide, Creteshield CS results in a much denser surface.

You want to densify any concrete you want to last longer.  While in most cases concrete seems fairly robust, and does not deteriorate before your eyes, think of it like steel. Uncoated steel forms rust, in the wrong conditions, steel will rust quite quickly and it’s deterioration is quite visible. But with the right protection from moisture and chemicals, the steel is protected, and remains strong and serves it’s purpose well.

While concrete does not deteriorate as quickly, it’s usable lifespan and performance can be greatly increased with some protection, and the better that protection the greater the service life.


At Floor Masters, our core business is resin coatings.  In a lot of situations a resin coating is the best protection for your floors.  A resin coating can be the best solution for meeting food safety standards, offer the best chemical resistance and hide ugly stains or repairs in the concrete floor.

But resin coatings can be costly.

So if you want to protect a large areas of concrete, that do not have “special” requirements, Creteshield CS is the best choice.  

You can save about 60 – 80% of the cost, just by using Creteshield CS.

Why choose Creteshield CS?

Creteshield CS is a breakthrough colloidal Silica formulation, combining 2 sized molecules for the best combination of deep penetration and greater pore blocking ability. 

Creteshield CS has a massive surface area for maximum reactivity due to the shape of the molecules (greater reaction = greater effectiveness).

Creteshield CS is from New Zealand, literally extracted from geothermal water already being used in hydro power generation.  This means it’s the greenest densifier available in NZ (actually the world) as it’s not shipped from overseas, it’s not open cut mined and the production is powered by green energy.

Creteshield CS contains no VOC’s, no solvents and has a low pH of 8.5.

Creteshield CS uses negatively charged molecules, meaning it is attracted by the concrete.

Creteshield CS Not only reacts with Calcium hydroxide (like other densifiers), but also chemically bonds to silica in the concrete, AND to itself – tripple effect.

Creteshield CS does not need to be scrubbed into the surface, it’s designed to self penetrate.

Creteshield CS will not leave any white residue if over applied.

Creteshield CS only requires 1 application, area can be returned to use in about 1hr.

Creteshield CS internally seals concrete, makes the concrete harder, more abrasion resistant, stops silica dust escaping (and settling on stock/equipment or ending up in your lungs).

Creteshield CS can not peel, flake or wear off like a coating will, it fuses with e concrete matrix.

So now you can understand why it’s the worlds best, and made in New Zealand.


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