Concrete Resurfacing for Apartments Entrance

Concrete Resurfacing for Apartments entrance – Auckland City.Apartment

This apartment block in central Auckland was getting a make over from top to bottom.  We were also involved in the kitchen, removing the vinyl and tiles and installing a high performance epoxy flooring system.

One area that was very important to the attractive appearance of this building was the entrance.  As the saying goes …. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

There were some blue tiles at the entrance, but holes and channels had

Concrete Resurfacing This is after all the hard work

been made to insert drains, and there was an ugly area along the side that had been filled with concrete.  The decision was made to decorative concrete resurface the area with Cretecova.

We can do our concrete resurfacing over tiles if they are stable, and a

bit of additional preparation is undertaken.  We need to diamond grind the glazing off the tiles and do an additional skim to block out the old tile pattern.

 What is concrete resurfacing?

Briefly – Concrete resurfacing is applying a thin layer of polymer cement over an

Concrete Resurfacing Silver Fern – stained into Cretecova Concrete Resurfacing

exisiting concrete or solid substrate.  We have different methods of concrete resurfacing, trowel finish (Cretecova), Spray finish (Spraycova) and a smooth finish (Levelcova).  See our photo gallery to see what it’s all about.

Anyway back to this concrete resurfacing job ….

We filled the drainage holes and diamond ground the tiles.

Then a skim was applied to block out the old 300 x 300mm tile pattern.  We then returned and re-skimmed the area and then applied the final finish layer.  The area was then sanded, the border was masked and applied with Black.  We then used a technique to apply the silver ferns and the branding logo in the doorway.

A colour wash was applied and 2 coats of high grade concrete sealer finished off the area.

Entrance with Silver ferns and Logo stained into Cretecova concrete resurfacing Entrance with Silver ferns and Logo stained into Cretecova concrete resurfacing

I returned a few days latter and was able to speak to the site manager – you should have seen the grin on his face as he thanked me for the work we had done and the result we achieved.  That is what i love the most about what we do.  It makes all the hard, hot and dirty work we do worth it.

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