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5 Floor Coatings And Their Benefits

By arranging for a resin coating to be applied to a floor, you can make it more attractive and durable, as well as easier to clean.

However, the exact set of benefits you get from a resin coating will depend on what type you choose. Here are numerous resin floor coating options and how they differ in their merits.

Acrylic Resin Floor Coatings 

These coatings adhere very well to concrete and, though clear, can be coloured with tint. Though acrylic resin floor coatings are softer than other floor coatings and — as a result — do not last as long, they can be easily re-coated provided they are kept clean.

Epoxy Resin Floor Coatings 

Epoxy resin is a thoroughly tried-and-tested solution, having been used for various purposes — such as for construction bonding and to make glues — since 1927. The majority of epoxy resins, when applied to a concrete floor, form a hard and amazingly protective surface.

Polyurethane Resin Floor Coatings

Though these adhere better to wooden floors than to concrete floors, we can still use polyurethane floor coverings on the latter as a result of applying an epoxy base coat first.

This is no small benefit, as polyurethane flooring outclasses epoxy alternatives in flexibility as well as heat and chemical resistance.

Polyurea Resin Floor Coatings

In many instances, coatings of this type can cure in seconds. Furthermore, as many formulations of polyurea are aliphatic, they do not discolour with UV exposure. This means that polyurea coatings can be effectively used not only indoors but also in open-air settings.

Polyaspartic Resin Floor Coatings

These especially popular coatings come in formulations that enable the polyaspartic resin to cure at a slower rate when in a pot, but at a quicker rate when actually used to coat a floor.

Another plus point of polyaspartic coatings is abrasion resistance is 3-5 times higher than that of epoxy coatings.

If you are struggling to decide which floor coating solution would be best for your specific needs, feel free to give Floor Masters a call on 0800 733 566. Through our website, you can easily request a quote for any of the floor coating services we offer in New Zealand.