Creteshield 101 penetrating sealer

Creteshield is a specially formulated hybrid potassium penetrating sealer that absorbs into the concrete, neutralising the alkaline and combines with the lime to form a gel that later hardens. This blocks all the pores within the slab which prevents moisture migration, which is the major cause of concrete deterioration.

Seals the concrete – Stops dusting – Stops moisture transfer – Hardens the concrete

Why we recommend the use of Creteshield?

  • Creteshield stops concrete dusting, forever, without re-application.
  • Creteshield seals the concrete, both from the surface and beneath.
  • Creteshield keeps concrete dryer and therefore warmer and healthier.
  • Reduces Radon gas emissions through concrete. 2nd biggest cause of cancer in the US.
  • Creteshield strengthens the concrete. 42% harder on average.
  • Creteshield prevents surface spalling (wear, degradation).
  • Creteshield will purge some of the existing contaminates.
  • Creteshield is not a surface sealer and will not make the surface slippery.
  • Creteshield is non volatile and non toxic, with no odors. We can complete the application in one day (up to 10,000 SqM). With almost immediate return to use.
  • Creteshield allows 4% moisture vapor, important to release hydrostatic pressure.

Makes no visible change to concrete, but can be coated or painted.

Creteshield is available in 3 grades
Creteshield 101 – for standard trowel or power finished concrete, Block walls.(better waterproofing properties than DN)
Creteshield DN – Concrete Densifier for standard concrete (used as part of our Diamond Polished Concrete System)

Creteshield SR – Stain resistor/maintenance polish, use on Diamond polished concrete and over surface sealers. Reduced scuffing and scratching, stain resistance, easy care finish.

Where we use Creteshield?

  • As the penetrating sealer, densifier (hardner) and dust proofer for our polished concrete system.
  • Basements – floors and walls. Stops hydrostatic pressure and dampness.
  • Under every floor covering – prevents dampness, delaminating of resilient coverings and deterioration of glues. Keeps floors warmer, reduces Radon Gas.
  • On external concrete – prevents concrete holding moisture that promotes growth of mould and algae.
  • Driveways – prevents penetration of spilled oil, fuels etc. Also strengthens exposed aggregate surfaces.
  • Garages – prevents dusting, easier clean up of surface.
  • Concrete and block retaining walls – prevents moisture migration that deteriorates mortar and block work.
  • On a new slab – If you are planning a ground concrete finish, have Creteshield applied to keep out contaminates that could ruin the appearance of the finished project.
  • On Factory and warehouse floors – to stop dusting and prevent premature wear from forklifts and other machinery.
  • Carpark buildings – Prevents surface wear and dusting.

Tech data sheet Creteshield 101

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