Grnd and Seal Concrete floors

Do you know the beauty hidden in your concrete floor?

To expose or not

There are a few choices you can make when you choose to have a concrete floor ground and sealed. One of those is how much aggregate you want to see in the finished floor.


It’s your floor, and you get to choose what it looks like.


There are 4 exposure level we can offer

1) Cream Polish – if the floor is flat and smooth and without staining, you may like a cream polish.  A cream polish does not have any grinding and is all about refining the surface without exposing any of the aggregate. The result is a natural mottled grey finish.

2) Salt and Pepper – The aim here is to just remove enough of the concrete surface to expose the tips of the angular aggregate so the floor has a speckled finish 

3)Medium Grind – This look is achieved by grinding off about 2-3mm of the concrete surface which usually exposes a medium amount of aggregate – this can vary a lot depending on the size of the aggregate used in the mix and the way the floor was finished.

4) Heavy Grind – This involves removing 4-6mm of the concrete surface to expose even more aggregate.  This look is more dominated by the aggregate with larger and more aggregate exposed.


The Best Experience Ever

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