White coating for concrete floor

White polyasparitc floor coating over a concrete floor
White polyasparitc floor coating over a concrete floor

Floors come in many colours and you can have a white floor if you want!

Resin floor coatings can create the look you are after,  but light colors can be a challenge,  white can be almost impossible.

Why is that ???
Most concrete floor coating resins suffer under UV (ultra violet light) exposure and with current lighting products, UV is everywhere.

What happens??
In non aliphatic coatings,  the resins yellow with UV exposure, the lighter the colour the faster it occurs and the more dramatic the effect.

Solution!White polyaspartic floor coating

Our Sparta-Guard (Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea) floor coatings do not suffer under UV lighting or even in direct sunlight.
In fact they can be used on external concrete surfaces.

Sparta-Guard is a coloured version of  our Sparta-Flex resin and is available in solvent and solvent free formulations.

Sparta-Guard is used direct to concrete to provide a monotone uniform colour finish.

White flooWhite Sparta-Guard polyaspartic 2rs bring a fresh look to a room, a blank canvas for stylish furniture and pops of colour.

Sparta-Guard has a glossy finish and in white creates a bright and vibrant finish.


White polyaspartic floor coating

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