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Need to coat a car Park?

Sparta-Guard polyaspartic coating solution for car parksCar parks do not need to be dark and depressing, with the right car park coating system, they can be bright and inviting, safe and professional.

Not only does a coating improve the appearance of your car park, but it protects your investment.  our systems both protect the concrete from wear and moisture.

Floor Masters has a range of solutions for different levels and areas of the car park structure.  Areas exposed to weather require additional moisture protection, ramps require additional grip and covered areas can have a more cost effective solution.

car park coating system HE


Advantages of coating your car parking building with one of our systems

  • Surfaces are waterproof – aggressive liquids are prevented from penetrating into the concrete and coming into contact with reinforcing bars
  • car park laneSlip Resistance – our systems offer excellent slip resistance for both vehicles and pedestrians, keeping people safe and avoiding legal issues.
  • Chemical resistance – all manner of chemicals can leak from vehicles or be trafficed into the building, our systems protect your concrete from chemical attack.
  • Abrasion resistance – our systems offer exceptions abrasion resistance and a long service life.
  • Car Parking buildingFlexible – our products remain semi-flexible after curing, allowing for thermal expansion and contraction of the building, and an amount of crack bridging and building movement.
  • Can be applied over both covered and exposed areas without being effected by UV, no discolouration or degrading.
  • Must easier to clean – the sealed surface resists staining and provides a surface that is much easier to keep clean.  NO dusting.
  • Brighter – using lighter colours can brighten a car park, making people feel safer.
  • Pride – you can be proud of your parking structure and clients will take better care of a clean bright carp park than a dirty, dark, unloved one.

We use 2 ranges of products for coating car parks

Mapei manufactures a range of Epoxy primer and Epoxy or Polyurethane based top coat car park coating systems.

See the Mapei Car Parking Systems brochure here  MAPEFLOOR PARKING SYSTEM

HP Spartacote manufacturers a range of Polyaspartic coating systems that are well suited to car parking garages

See our Sparta-Guard coatings here HP Spartacote Sparta-Guard

Our polyaspartic Sparta-Guard coatings offer the advantage of fast recoat times and fast return to use.  We can often prepare, coat and return an area to service in 24 hours.  Days faster than other systems.
Car Park - Sparta-quartz

Sparta-Quartz by HP Spartacote

Combination of Sparta-Flex (clear) and Sparta-Guard (yellow) polyaspartic coating for parking garage

Combination of Sparta-Flex (clear) and Sparta-Guard (yellow)

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