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Floor Masters has been involved in resin floor coating projects for dog kennels and other animal enclosures.  Including a major project at Wiri Animal Welfare, where re replaced over 600 LnM of failed resin coving and drains.  Also floors and yard areas at Waitakere Animal Welfare and various vet clinics and boarding kennels.

Failed resin coving - re had to replace

Failed epoxy? coving we had to replace

Epoxy resin coving

After repair

NOW Floor Masters announces 2 new Floor Coating systems

Sparta-Guard Pure

Sparta-Guard Pure is a 100% solvent and VOC free polyaspartic concrete coating (floors and walls).  The polyaspartic resin systems offer many benefits over older resin technologies like epoxy.

  • Superior Abrasion resistance – 4 times that of epoxy resin.
  • Superior Heat Resistance – up to 148 Deg C (can be steam cleaned).
  • UV Stable – won’t yellow, flake or peel with UV exposure.
  • 0% Solvent and no VOC’s – safe to use around people and animals. No offensive smell.
  • Superior Chemical Resistance – able to withstand urine and excrement.
  • Remains semi-flexible – does not go brittle and less prone to cracking
  • Faster install and Return to Use – save days on installation and return to use
  • Ready for foot traffic in 4-6 hours – Ready for full use after 24 hours

Sparta-Guard (DT) Diamond Topp

Sparta-Guard DT or Diamond-Topp is a super hard wearing polyaspartic top coat for floors that better suit a matt (low gloss), non slip finish.  Unlike other non slip finishes, Sparta-Guard Diamond topp has a perfect balance between slip resistance and ease of cleaning.

Many other non slip additives have sharp points that will quickly destroy cleaning mops and other cleaning equipment.  Diamond Topp has a texture similar to 200 grit sand paper (which is quite fine).

  • Built on 65% solids polyaspartic resin – Low VOC’s (exceeds US clean air standards)
  • Fast install – 1hr between coats
  • Ready for foot traffic after 4-6 hours
  • Ready for full use after 24 Hours cure
  • Great balance of non slip and cleanability
  • Super abrasion resistance
  • Possibly the hardest wearing roll coat resin system available.

Dog Kennel Flooring

Stain Resistant Flooring for Animal Facilities:

Dog Kennel Floor Coating
HP Spartacote (our supplier) offers a variety of anti-microbial seamless polyaspartic floor coating systems that are designed for dog kennels, veterinarian clinics and doggy day-cares. Sparta-Flex PURE systems are 100% voc-free and emit little odor during installation. They are installed in as little as one day and offer superior abrasion and chemical resistance. To learn more about animal facility flooring please contact us today at Floor Masters Ltd – 0800 733 566, for assistance with your next project.

Vet clinic kennels coated

Floor and walls coated – kennels at vet clinic














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