Concrete Funnies

Concrete funnies – disclaimer – all images on this page are “borrowed”.  I have not stolen them, they are still where i found them, unless someone else moved them.  They were left on the side of the internet, and i thought they were abandoned so have given them a safe warm home for your enjoyment.  For  best searching index concrete, i will say concrete a lot, and mention concrete in different concrete contexts like concrete floor, concrete driveway, concrete path, and concrete mixer.

It was not hard to find some funny pictures related to concrete.

hmmm, speaks for itself

i saw the signs, but thought, it’s worth a try.

Stuck in the concrete

High Speed Chases are getting harder

they will cop some flack for this

yet more police getting stuck in.

it just keeps happening

i wondered why the closest parking spot was empty

The short cut was a bit slower than expected

He didn’t tip us, put his Lexus where he can ‘t get it out

now it’s a convertible BMW – converted into scrap

i thought this was the fast lane

it’s just a little stuck

why do people never stop after the first step onto wet concrete

yep, it was to big

Start em young

that will make it hard to start

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